Grampian 26 Original Advertisements

About a month ago I was searching googlebooks, trying to find some old write-ups which featured the Grampian 26 and came across this from Yachting magazine April 1969.. I could only see the excerpt (shown at right) and thought it was an review article, so I searched ebay to find the magazine - and bought it for $12
It's a really nice "Annual Maintenance Issue" about 330 page magazine, with some great articles and pictures on production fiberglass boats being built..
Anyway, the Grampian snippet turned out to be just an advertisement, but it appears to be the very first advertisement for the G26! (but maybe not..)
I scanned it in, thought other Grampian 26 owners might be interested, so here it is (below) !
I sent a copy to the grampianowners website too, since they didn't have it.
Very cool, huh? More ads and brochures below..

This next ad is from a 1975 issue of Cruising world. What's special about this one is that it tells you that the Grampian 26 is 5 years old and nearly 800 have been sold, it also states the price at $8,995


Know how I said the ad at the top of this page appears to be the very first Grampian 26 ad?? Well, looks like I'm wrong about that. This next one I borrowed from, which says in it's filename First_Grampian_G26_ad_in_Yachting_late_1968.. I assume that information must be correct. But it makes me wonder.. Does this not indicate that the first G26 was actually built in 1968?.. ahhhhh.. Now I see differently at,, hull #1 was a 1968.. .. Arrrrrgggg!,,, The Grampian 26 history page says "Grampian 26s were built from 1967 through 1977.."   I need a drink. Anyway, here's the ad:
Click here for a zoomable and readable view via

This next one is real interesting.. I found listed on ebay as "1968 Grampian Marine LTD 26' Family Style Sloop Review & Specs- Photo" It's the earliest and only published "review" I've ever seen on the G26 from the era, and it is specifically is written about hull #1 and has a picture of it on wooden stand in the plant, and "will be launched in early Fall '68 by the Canadian builder." Don't know what magazine it came from, but it apparently was on page 53 of a magazine circa 1968... (UPDATE: I've since been able to determine that this ad originated from The Rudder - Volume 84 - 1968 -  Page 53)
Curiously it states "..cockpit-and galley-access 8-cu. ft. icebox...", I've not come across any other mentions of icebox access from the galley before.. but quite the contrary have heard complaints of the icebox not being accessible from the cabin in the G26.. I am assuming perhaps some early models may have featured access from behind the dinette aft seat cushion, which by the way is a modification I have considered on my own.
Also of note is the Morc rating of 20.8 - a term which I have no familiarity with, but a quick search tells me it stands for Midget Offshore Racing Club rule which is a measurement rule for racing boats under 30 feet. Anyway, here is a scan of the review..

Another rare find from ebay, here's a 4 page G26 price list brochure from 1973:

More ads to come as I find them. Contact me if  you know of any other G26 advertisements.

Here a few more interesting vintage clippings...



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