Recently purchased my first sailboat. A Grampian 26. More on that in my personal blog posts, but these 'Front Pages' consist of content compiled from research of the Grampian 26 model.
Click the title links to view. Enjoy..

History Glance at the Grampian 26..
A short, one page, condensed look at the origins of the Grampian 26 sailboat, which also includes an early, and not commonly seen advertisement for the G26 scanned in from a 1969 Yachting magazine recently purchased on ebay..

The Grampian 26 In The News!
Presented in two parts are these excerpts from magazines, books, and newspapers, which concern the Grampian 26. Includes report of a trans-Atlantic voyages, run-in with a sea monster, the travels of an 86 year old, and a story of hurricane Katrina picking up and throwing a G26 into the forest without cracking the hull..

Grampian 26 original advertisements.
Added even more Grampian 26 advertisements that I've not seen available on the internet elsewhere. These all are scans from magazines from the era.

Grampian 26 Resources, Reviews, and Links..
You guessed it! This section provides a selection of Grampian 26 resources, reviews, and links.. the googling has been done for you. If you know of any I've missed, please let me know!

Other Grampian model ads in no order..
Grampian advertisements other than the 26 model, also from the Grampian manufacturing era. Check back on this page as more are added on occasion. Might be of interest to other owners.

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