Friday, December 9, 2016

more pics on the hard..

Standing at midpoint between boat and back river, with about an 8.5 tide putting water to my knee level.. Estimate about 300ft of marsh/ground to cross.. Most of the month the ground is dry, and always hard ground even when there is standing water. It is not what you would call a muddy marsh, you could drive a car over it when the tide doesn't cover it, that is if you could get a car over there - which you can't - the island is accessible only by water.

This picture was took as I was standing at the center point of the area I need to cross during a high tide.. 
This shows how deep the water was as a 8.5 tide (about 16 inches  )

This picture shows the distance from center point to my boat (click to enlarge to better see the boat)

These pictures were took from the boat during a lower tide after the second unsuccessful pull.

Here shows the clamp that broke when removing the rudder to avoid damaging before the pulls..

These were taken right after an unsuccessful pull during the supermoon tide last month..

This is Edwin's boat which managed to move it 4 foot, but he was not available to try again this month..

This shows where I usually enter the island just around the bend, and then walk across over to the boat..

Here is a satellite view... The blue shows the tide level at about 7 foot (which is a more usual high), the green line shows the route I take on my inflatable to enter the island, and the red circle shows the general area of where my boat is stranded..

To date there has been three attempted pulls during spring tides.. The first two times involved smaller boats with 150hp engines.. it did nothing. Only the third try with Edwin's 40ft trawler made any progress, when it moved it about 4 foot before the rope broke, by the time we got everything restated, the tide was down, and we postponed until this spring tide.. but unfortunately Edwin called it off..

This Christmas is going to suck.. Last month...

My boat..

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