Friday, April 22, 2016

TwentySixFeet - Life aboard a little boat

Came across a website today called "TwentySix Feet" by another Grampian 26 owner.. I've never seen this website before.. This guy named Ciprian ( Chip ) now lives aboard his G26 in Miami, Here's a brief excerpt from his "The Crew" page of how he came across his G26..

'...So I started looking for a sailboat, something cheap that I could afford and not too big since I never sailed in my life. And thanks to another video, I discovered Freedom, a 26 feet Grampian that was sailed from Canada to Florida by two young Canadians. And since their plans of sailing the boat to the Bahamas the next summer changed, I found out that she was for sale, and two days later I decided to buy her. About a month later, I was already on my way to Glades Boat Storage to bring her to Miami. And that’s how the adventure started…
At this time I’m alone aboard the sailboat as skipper and crew at the same time. And I guess it will stay like this for a while, enjoying sailing and living aboard..."

I've only glanced over the site so far, and shot him a brief email saying hello, and to check out my Grampian 26 blog... Well, basically I said to ignore my actual blog, but be sure to check out the "Front Pages" section from the menu at right side of the page, because that's where the goodies are!

His boat looks to be real nice, and further inspiration to improve my own. I'll be sure to take a closer look at his blog later, and will add it to my Grampian 26 Links section soon.

Be sure to check out his site at:

Addum: It just occurred to me that his boat is probably the same one I had mentioned about on ebay a few moths ago in a previous post here: .. How many yellow Grampian 26's could there be in Florida? - (His is yellow) Must be one in the same!

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