Monday, June 13, 2016

Grampian 26 Six Foot? and other variations..

for sale on ebay
Was looking at this Grampian 26 for sale on ebay, (not that I'm shopping).

What I find curious is the much steeper slope on the cabin front - in that it almost appears straight up and down, whereas my own is much more slanted (which to me, not only looks better, but also provides that much more space in the v-berth interior).

The Canadian Yachting magazine review stated that "Early versions also had a slightly steeper slope to the forward end of the coach roof and lacked the ridge above the ports, which was a cosmetic variation on later models." which confuses my prior deduction (based on my hull #26349)  that mine is a 1972 and not a 1976 as it had been advertised on craigslist when I purchased it.
Or maybe the picture angles are just deceiving.. I dunno.
Update- Just had a brief chat with the guy who bought it 
And he says the picture is deceptive and does have the usual slant

for sale on ebay
It also states 6'1" headroom, where my own I measured mine to be only 5'10"..  Although 6 foot headroom was a big selling point for the Grampian 26 line, it seems this to must have varied an inch or two from boat to boat, as I have asked other G26 owners if they really have 6 foot clearance on the YahooGroups Grampian Sailboats forum..

Allen Stokell replied:
"Does my G26 have 6 foot headroom? Only when the cabin sole is removed."
But George Kuipers said;
"I have shrunk to just about 6' and can stand up with my hair touching the liner. A PO replaced the stringers under the sole and could have increased the headroom."
Which brings up another point.. My G26 doesn't even have stringers under the sole, nor does it appear it ever has. I'll take a picture under the sole and post below when I do.
I look forward to the day mine looks as good as the one on ebay..

Mine still needs a lot of cosmetic work..

Pictures from the Craigslist ad before I bought it back in October 2015.

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