Sunday, June 12, 2016

This Grampian really needed "fixing up"

Not sure if I have this in the links, but will be sure to add it if it's not there already..

Been watching this guys facebook page for a while. He uses it to "track progress fixing up my family's 1970 Grampian 26 sailboat" Which incidentally is what I will be doing here on this blog soon for my own G26...

Anyway, I've enjoyed watching this guys progress. If your interested, I suggest you keep scrolling down his page until you get back in time to August 22, 2015 - and start there, and go up.
There's nothing spectacular, I think his boat was gorgeous to start with (the above picture is actually before he began "fixing up",  can you believe it?!). It's inspirational if  you plan to do some work on your own Grampian 26.

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