Saturday, January 30, 2016

2 Blue G26

This struck me as a curiosity..

I have always wondered why it is that almost all sailboats are all white? Of course it's not really all that uncommon to spot a painted blue, green, yellow, or whatever color hull, but the vast amount of sailboats (or any pleasure craft) tend to be primarily all white.

Somebody told me it was because it hides things better; A scratch on a white boat is just a scratch, but a scratch on a blue boat is an eyesore, because it stands out..  I don't know, maybe. But personally I find a contrasting colored hull attractive.

With this in mind..
Tonight I notice there are two Grampian 26's on Ebay, which is a little surprising, since it seems a little rare for a G26 to show up on Ebay..
But what's even more odd is they're both blue!

Two blue Grampian 26's on Ebay at the same time. One's a 1973, the other a 1974, and they're both bargains in very different ways...

1973 Grampian 26
1973 Grampian 26 Sailboat Mercury 9.9 Outboard Motor MA | NO FEES, NO RESERVE
Item condition: used
Time left: 4d 16h    Wednesday, 5:10PM  
Current bid: US $20.50 [ 7 bids ]
Item location: Winthrop, Massachusetts

This is a 1973 26' Grampian Sailboat. Donor indicates that the overall interior & exterior condition is fair, with wear from age. Donor had to discard the main sail due to damage, but all other sails are included and in good condition. Boat has not been used in over a year; donor does not have the time to commit to sailing and wants to find a new owner. Please refer to the included photographs for the best idea of the boat's condition.
The engine is an outboard Mercury 9.9 motor. Donor says that it does not start, but lacks the motor knowledge to repair or diagnose the issue. Trailer is NOT included in this listing. Please consider what arrangements would be necessary for moving the boat before bidding.
Donor has current title to the boat and will transfer to the purchaser. The donor has registered the boat, but the registration is currently expired. The boat is currently in the water at a marina, and donor says that it will need to be removed or stored out of the water in the upcoming months.

1974 Grampian Sloop
26' Sailboat - Grampian Sloop with Dingy -Buy It Now $4800.00-

Item condition: Used
Time left:  3d 18h  Tuesday, 7:40PM   
Price: US $4,800.00 [ BUY IT NOW ]
Item location: White Pine, Michigan, United States

Fresh water, Lake Superior, good sailor, roomy cockpit and 6' headroom in cabin.  Comes with 8hp Nissan outboard, gas tank, head, propane stove, 6 sails w/bags, grill, 2 anchors, 100' chain, 10.5 Sea Eagle dingy with oars, many extras. 

Somebody ought to go grab themselves a bargain.

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