Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Unintentionally Beached..

A few nights ago I found Jenny Rose had broke anchor and was parallel up against the public fishing pier of the back river,  It was about 9pm, and I don't usually check that late, but it's only about 3 blocks away and I took a stroll down there.. she was already leaning slightly, so I knew the keel was hitting.. I was a nervous wreck, and after a while of running around with my head chopped off, I called George, who had helped me transport it when I first got her, - he came down and said there was nothing we could do and would meet me early the in morning..
I was a nervous wreck, I climb aboard from the raft and situated the gas tank so it wouldn't spill, and cut off the light, then rowed to shore, paced the pier for a few minutes looking down at her. My fingers and nose were frozen, so I went home.
I returned about 5:30 am, and George arrived about 15 minutes later.

It was a dark, cold, and windy night.. Jenny Rose was laying on her side, with her bow over the shoreline, water danced around her. The long wide pier cast her hull in its shadow from what little light shone from shore.
I wanted to go into the darkness and take a closer look,
float in on the raft beside her...

No, I didn't get a good look at the hull why she was down..  There was still a foot of water surround most of her, it was icy cold with a hard wind, it was dark, and at the time it seemed pointless to row out to inspect in such nasty weather. Now I wish I had, it's not often you get such opportunity.
The Tybee Back River Fishing Pier
Anyway,  Returned about 15-20 minutes later to find her upright and dancing on her keel. We rowed in on my two cheap Walmart rafts to board her. George motored her back as I readied to pull anchor, and once retrieved, discovered it bound shut with fishing line, remains of a blue shirt, and broken sections of fishing rod. I cut it all loose and freed it to open, then dropped it once we reached mid river (I normally dock closer to the far shore, but for the sake of my friend who was helping me, we anchored a shorter distance to shore), and rowed the two toy rafts back.

The best thing that came out of the whole ordeal is that now I've seen how she lays down and rises back up; I now feel comfortable to intentionally beach her for a hull cleaning (if I go that route) once it gets warmer.


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